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I just had a major revelatory breakthrough. The sort of thing my therapist would be excited to know I had, had I a therapist. But I don’t. I do have a picture of Doc Brown on my wall, though. And now I think I know how he felt when he fell off the toilet and thought of the flux capacitor!

I don’t know where Microsoft is coming from. I don’t even know who they are anymore. Clearly, Steve Allen’s X-Prize got them to another planet where they found alien technology and a marketing guy who first brought them the XBox 360 and then this video. Because surely the “geniuses” that invented the Seinfeld spots and the “I’m a PC and I’m 8″ spots didn’t think of this.

This is almost cool. This almost makes me want to investigate and possibly buy more Microsoft stuff. Holy crap. I said it. I, the original Apple head who still cuddles with his old Apple IIe. How I miss you 5.25 floppy drives…But I digress.

Just look at this video! I personally love the idea of the digital wallet. I’m a news freak, so that touchable digital paper was essentially the baddest-assest thing I saw. But hey, who doesn’t want a transparent-wall-thingy to anywhere so my genius-like kid(who will doubtlessly be too smart for school by 2019) can solve peace in the middle east with an Arab over a box of milk and a few animal crackers.

I say, “Watch out Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! My kid’s not born, but when they are….there’s a big invisible smart wall with you name on it translated into Arabic so you can read it and weep! Suckah. You there! Five year old! Bring me peace in the middle east via Microsoft!”

On second thought. This is all pretty scary. Can we just bring back Scott Baio and have him take care of us?

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