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I was part of the first wave of viewers for the show. I really liked it. A lot. We’re talking download the music and consider-moving-to-the-deep-south loved it.

The question then becomes one of why I liked it so much. Truth is, I was sort of let down by the plot elements in season one. Seemed loosely compiled from a novel that I’m sure was far better as a whole story than the televised version.

Then it clicked with me. The visual style of the production was really wonderful. There’s a sense of gritty inhuman reality and as a viewer I’m continually put into the position of seeing life as I know it from an outsider’s position. Clearly there’s something great going on here. Also, clearly, is the beauty of the opening title sequence. Here’s a copy of it:

TRUE BLOOD from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.

That great swamp pop/country sound from Jace’s Everett’s “Bad Things” certainly helps set the mood. It contributed to that otherworldly rawness conveyed by the visual imagery. I really enjoyed the lack of any digital effects. That was a key element in keeping it “in the muck” for me. Anyhow, I don’t want to ruin the following “making of” piece by tearing this apart piece by undead piece. But I will spoil it by saying they used DV, 8 mil, and 16 mil cameras to film the sequences. And I have a deep abiding love for 8 and 16 mil cameras. Right, on with the making of!

CL Feature: DK’s True Blood – The Making Of from Creative League Team on Vimeo.

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