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Well, I said I would do some sort of a followup to my Augmented Reality post. So here it is.

I did research. A lot of stinking research. And I’m not a sodding researcher, so that’s saying something. Mostly it’s saying how cool I think the tech is and how many possibilities I think it has for conveying and communicating messages.

I got excited because I learned that it uses Papervision, which is an open source software from MIT. Downloaded that. Perfect….next phase, find someone who’s done it and have it explained. Check on that count too. Found this guy who does a great primer on AR.

Wait a tick. Flex? I don’t have Adobe Flex. I thought this was coded in AS, something I use all the time in Flash proper.

More research. Adobe makes it’s own proprietary software compiler environment called Flex. Suddenly I’m feeling like an incomplete programmer. I think that’s good since I’m a creative. But I feel inadequate because suddenly my toolbox is feeling smaller than my ability to good ideas. I hate that.

Yet, I harbor hope. As it happens, there’s a free Flex SDK. It’s not quite as juiced as the $300 package, but I think it will let me do what I want to do. I think. So I download it. What do I find but that I have no idea how the software works. I haven’t opened a compiler since I took that C++ class at RPI in the summer of 2000. And I think all I really wrote of note in that class was an array that passed some numbers or something and turned my huge desktop into some kind of graphing calculator that I could have bought at KMart with a lot less hassle. But I digress.

I still really want to write my own AR tool. So, where I stand today is I’m heading over to the bookstore to pick up a book on advanced AS and see what they’ve got for Flex. I WILL figure out how to pwn this tech. Stand by for the next chapter of the AR Beat Down.

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