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The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

It’s past my bedtime. This is something Lee knows about. And if you don’t know Lee, that’s a possible problem. However, don’t let Lee keep you from watching this. It’s been made by a chap whose name is not Lee, but rather Alex. Alex Roman. It’s long and pretty so hit full screen and settle in for a beautiful ride.

As an aside, the whole schmeedley-doo is CG. As in those buildings and sets and stuff are all faked in a computer.

I just don’t get why he spells it “Arquitecture.” Is he trying to make like a new field of design? Like a, “the files are IN the computer(?)” kind of a thing?

Anyway, just watch it. It’s cool. At least I think it’s cool because I can’t make it. I can’t even fake it. Going to bed now.


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