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  • March11th

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    I’ve had this song stuck in my head since our last trip to Paris. It was all the rage with the kids, and being a propagator of cool, I have had the burning desire to share it. And certainly not because partial nudity and suggestive situations are common on French television. Although it does make the video a trifle more memorable for us puritanical Americans.

    Side query: how come the French just look cooler than we do? Is it because there’s a general sense of entitlement that we misconstrue as confidence? Or are they really just connected to a deeper level of hip than we are?

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  • January7th

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    The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

    It’s past my bedtime. This is something Lee knows about. And if you don’t know Lee, that’s a possible problem. However, don’t let Lee keep you from watching this. It’s been made by a chap whose name is not Lee, but rather Alex. Alex Roman. It’s long and pretty so hit full screen and settle in for a beautiful ride.

    As an aside, the whole schmeedley-doo is CG. As in those buildings and sets and stuff are all faked in a computer.

    I just don’t get why he spells it “Arquitecture.” Is he trying to make like a new field of design? Like a, “the files are IN the computer(?)” kind of a thing?

    Anyway, just watch it. It’s cool. At least I think it’s cool because I can’t make it. I can’t even fake it. Going to bed now.


  • October20th

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    Lovely article I encountered about this somewhat unknown and wonderful Frenchman who, conveniently, made graffiti the art form it is today.


    “Have you ever made some graffiti?” asks Blek le Rat in his seductive French accent, his eyes drifting off dreamily towards exciting memories of his own. “Er, no,” I stutter back sheepishly, feeling like a kid at school who’s just been asked by an older boy if he’s ever gone all the way with a woman. “You have to try to do it once,” he sighs.

    “Go once in the street with a spray can. Spray your signature. Then go back the day after to see. I’m sure you’ll go back. Because when you leave something in the street, you leave a part of yourself.” Read More | Comments

  • September15th

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    Never thought I’d be caught saying I agreed with Hitler. But the above video clearly indicates we share at least one point of view. And also, I never thought he could be so articulate about the Touch features. Weird.

  • August4th

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    Someone finally figured out how to make a cool thing out of those video hot links on YouTube! Okay, to be fair YouTube has been the breeding ground of other cool things before, but I have a particular predilection for anything of, and relating to, Choose Your Own Adventure. My favorite one when I was a kid was the Mystery of Chimney Rock. Because there was a magic backpack that would let you grow wings. But I digress.

    The UK based organization has the worst website ever (because it won’t render correctly in Firefox), but the coolest video campaign on YouTube.

    You simply start at the beginning(below) and then every 30 seconds to 1 minute the user is granted a choice in the form of a video hot link which takes you to the correct corresponding video based on the decision made. I’ll not get much further into the details since the video is here: