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  • March14th

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    I’ll hold the vitriol to a minimum on this because I actually really like these spots. I think Nexus missed the mark when they opted to go for the anti-folk, acusto-punk styled sound made famous too long ago by the Moldy Peaches.

    Listen up. I like the Moldy Peaches. They’re not together anymore and they never got that big, but that cute little movie Juno is probably changing their lives in more ways than they thought. But they are broken up and so what? Juno was the big thing two years ago, which is great. But for Nexus to cast Comcast as hip and anti-folk cool is too much for me to handle. Read More | Comments

  • March6th

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    That JJ Abrams guy is a sticky wicket. He keeps coming up with cool ideas and he keeps making me watch things I never thought I’d watch.

    This latest edition to the Star Trek franchise should be fraught with peril to any filmaker foolish enough to follow up on the twin disasters of the last two films. Or was it four? Or can we go back even further to the hallowed Shatner-only years?

    Anyhow, this trailer is chock full of eye-candy, reveals a pinch of plot, a lot of Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows, and the kind of sweeping shots and powerful score that make my skin dance with glee at the overwhelming media consumption opportunities the movie will offer in IMAX!

    [YouTube via Gizmodo]

  • March5th

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    You thought “The Nothing” was bad? You thought that big weird wolf thing that the kid stabs at the end of the story was bad? Then you clearly have never met a Hollywood exec made of equal parts lazy and greedy. The kids from the original are all grown up. Who’s going to protect Fantasia now?

    Why is Warner Bros. slating The NeverEnding Story for another lame remake? First Total Recall, then Friday the 13th and now THR is reporting that, “The Kennedy/Marshall Co. and Leonard DiCaprio’s shingle Appian Way are in discussions with Warners about reviving the 25-year-old franchise with a modern spin.”

    A Modern Spin? What in the name of Zues’ butthole does that mean? Read More | Comments

  • February4th

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    In the midst of my daily consumption of all things media, I realized there are two things I ought to share:

    1) I now, no longer look forward to the Super Bowl. As an artist it feels like the cheapest form of a sell out that those of us in the marketing and advertising industry can participate in. I like to equate Super Bowl spots with Britney Spears or Ashton Kutcher or any of the other not so talented shock-pop folk. Essentially you’ve got companies paying top dollar to harness the power of 100 million drunk football fans and their tote-along wives. The tastes of this rather boring group can be summarized as LCD. That’s not LSD, but LCD, or “Lowest Common Denominator,” which I find in the US to boil down to the ilk of dick and fart jokes.

    2) Thing number two, and totally unrelated to the Super Bowl: I love this music video:

    You’ll notice that music aside, it’s just a beautiful piece of stop motion that verges on a surreal subconscious that seems to grip my attention and not let go. I love that it makes use of the somewhat pervasive cultural understanding of side scrolling video games. I love that the character’s whole world is that bed. Alternatively, the subversive in me also finds there to be an element of terror in a reality that is limited to pillows and beds and by extension; comfort of the self. Especially listening to the lyrics of this guy who’s all wrapped up in her. Like he wants to keep that moment prisoner for his own pleasure.

    Okay…I just did a weird thing and I apologize. Just watch the video, despite the neo-philosophical crap I just spewed, the stop motion work is amazing. The idea is really cool and executed with a top notch proficiency that I can really appreciate. Here, here, I say!

    Oh, the musician is Oren Lavie. I’m a little shocked he’s on MySpace and not Facebook. I mean, making a vid this cool kind of means he should be on Facebook, right? Anyhow, the song is called “Her Morning Elegance.”

  • September10th

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    Sucks my birthday was last week. Now I have to wait a year before I can ask for some. Unless Santa carries compressed gas tanks on his sleigh.