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  • January7th

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    The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

    It’s past my bedtime. This is something Lee knows about. And if you don’t know Lee, that’s a possible problem. However, don’t let Lee keep you from watching this. It’s been made by a chap whose name is not Lee, but rather Alex. Alex Roman. It’s long and pretty so hit full screen and settle in for a beautiful ride.

    As an aside, the whole schmeedley-doo is CG. As in those buildings and sets and stuff are all faked in a computer.

    I just don’t get why he spells it “Arquitecture.” Is he trying to make like a new field of design? Like a, “the files are IN the computer(?)” kind of a thing?

    Anyway, just watch it. It’s cool. At least I think it’s cool because I can’t make it. I can’t even fake it. Going to bed now.


  • November26th

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    That’s what Howard said. It’s from a note sent to him several years ago. I shant go into the detail since it’s irrelevant to the discussion at hand, but it has a lot of meaning. In any case, it seems to well illustrate how this Thanksgiving has shaped up. And while we’re on the subject I have a few things to share with everyone.

    For the vast masses that represent my readership, I want to thank you here in the golden light of a Carolina evening on this Thanksgiving. I don’t think I could do it without you. All three of you. That includes my wife and my mom. And half the time I think Nancy just tells me she’s keeping up with it. How sad is that? It’s almost British it’s so sad.

    However, what has been distinctly unBritish is-this Thanksgiving. We’ve intrepidly traveled to North Carolina where I promptly learned I’d been volunteered to cook the turkey. In a broken oven. But, I cleverly hired a few tarheels to rub sticks together long enough to get the bird done. And she’s a beauty at that. There was also a charming beauty to the way the electric coil of the oven exploded half way through the cook cycle. It caught fire and slowly burned an electric fire from the front to the back of the burner. Ever calm, I opened a beer and assured all the guests that a) the house would not burn down and b) the turkey would still be bitchin’.

    It occurs to me that my streak of being right has remained unbroken, other than that sorry scene in 1989 regarding the Berlin wall. But we’re not here to talk about that. What I actually came here to talk about is this ad I stumbled across. It’s from New Zealand. Even better, it’s a PSA. That’s stop motion. And about the wild west. Of New Zealand. Did I mention that yet? Anyway, turn up the volume, enjoy the accent and the truly amazing animation. One day I’ll do something like this at work.

    Maybe Monday.

  • October20th

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    Lovely article I encountered about this somewhat unknown and wonderful Frenchman who, conveniently, made graffiti the art form it is today.


    “Have you ever made some graffiti?” asks Blek le Rat in his seductive French accent, his eyes drifting off dreamily towards exciting memories of his own. “Er, no,” I stutter back sheepishly, feeling like a kid at school who’s just been asked by an older boy if he’s ever gone all the way with a woman. “You have to try to do it once,” he sighs.

    “Go once in the street with a spray can. Spray your signature. Then go back the day after to see. I’m sure you’ll go back. Because when you leave something in the street, you leave a part of yourself.” Read More | Comments

  • October14th

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    So this is strange. I don’t know who Ken Block is. I am not the biggest fan of Rob Dyrdek. I haven’t skated in 15 years and I’ve never been interested in car racing. Yet I am oddly compelled to watch this video over and over again. Like a moth to flame. An addict to a needle. A single girl to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

    I think more than anything I am completely impressed by excellence in any form. Also, the piece was shot with a RED which was what we have at work. So I think maybe on a visceral level I can look at this and say “We could have made that!” and then watch it again to figure out how to do it better.