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  • July25th

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    Oh man. Sometimes there are things that just make you smile. And this happens to be one them. Now, I’m all for love and I’m all for Zombies, but in the length of my childlike life I don’t think I ever had any idea that the two could be merged using internet technology. Folks, I give you  And, as it seems, not only can they be merged, but they can be merged to make the world better. I  mean, c’mon, Zombies were people too. They deserve some measure of slowly shuffling happiness. After all, what’s the point of munching on brains if you don’t ever get to share that tasty gray matter with someone you love? I suppose maybe that’s why Zombies don’t go for the heart. They’re just looking for love in all the wrong places.

  • July1st

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    Ahhh…Laughlin.  We embark today upon a mighty roadtrip that shall take us into the grandly titled and less grandly realized “Inland Empire” of California. Now, once you get to that armpit you hang a sharp left and drive until you think you’re lost. Because in some sense you are: because you’re going to Laughlin – scorned by other “major” gambling towns like State Line, Nevada or Winchester Canada.

    Part of me hopes that we might have a flat tire and experience some sort of high desert ghost town ballyhoo with the local denizens which will naturally be deformed by the nuclear fallout from the tests in the 50’s. However, I suspect that the best we can hope for is 100+ degree heat and scary fat men flopping their scary hairy bellies into the very pools we might hope to seek refreshment in.

  • May16th

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    The Big Day

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    I’m in the midst of redoing the company’s website. It’s a wild project with many fun little facets. One of which was developing an interactive video experience that would allow users to direct the action occuring within a video. The idea was to totally immerse the user into the product, in this case, a hot tub. Anyhow, the site is still in development, but the interactive shoot is over. And here are the pictures to prove it. I love days like this. Take a look.