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  • September7th

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    Every now and then I’ll come across some ad spots that make me smile and remember why I got into the business of being creative. The guys at Garmin did a bang up job and their Christmas Campaign from last year was superb. I sort of hope they re-run it this year.

  • July20th

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    I, along with my wife and several friends, began to eagerly await this film some time ago. We had a party where we watched Batman Begins. We stayed up late and bought IMAX tickets. We went early and got swept up in the energy of the line. I think Nancy even lit a candle for Heath “the Joker” Ledger. But I don’t think that had anything to do with Batman exactly.

    We talked about Frank Miller, Neal Anderson, and the rest of the talented guys that have helped shape the Batman into the force he is today. We talked about how this guy, Bruce Wayne is the summation of our generation’s angst, sorrow, hopes, dreams, and triumphs.

    I used to say that we X-ers were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle generation. Read More | Comments

  • July10th

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    I don’t often feel like I get to write something this simple. Wanted was a straightforward action flick with a lot of enjoyable eye candy and a plot that while somewhat simple had enough punch and twists and turns to keep me enthralled and on the edge of my seat for the next scene. This film was just a good old fashioned romp in the world of fast paced adventure.

    James McAvoy did a typically fantastic job. Angelina Jolie did her thing of playing the coy, dangerous, hot chick. Morgan Freeman brought some weight as the grandfatherly leader of this band of assassins. Timur Burkambetov is someone that I’ve been a fan of since back in his Russian Night/Day Watch days. Watching him command a big-bucks American film was cool since it was like watching an industrious kid get a huge bump in his allowance.

    Additionally, I hope that James McAvoy is going to start getting the recognition he deserves. He’s a great actor and what made him so wonderful in Wanted was his complete inconsistency as an action hero. Watching him transform into a super hero was great because it felt like such a lovely spectacle in that I felt like his transformation was more accessible to me as an average non-action kind of a guy.

    I don’t want to spout too much more, other than “go see the film!” It’s a lot of fun and I give it two thumbs up.

  • May30th

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    jericho-picture.jpgSo, this was a really fun little experiment. Here’s the thing, this show debuted up against Lost. Being a fairly solid Lostie, I didn’t make Jericho a priority. Which, it turns out, I should have. The end of the pilot seasons ended with a cancellation. Fans were in such an uproar over the loss of their beloved show that took to heart a nice piece of the seasons finale and sent two tons of peanuts to the studio headquarters in response to their actions.

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