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  • October20th

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    Lovely article I encountered about this somewhat unknown and wonderful Frenchman who, conveniently, made graffiti the art form it is today.


    “Have you ever made some graffiti?” asks Blek le Rat in his seductive French accent, his eyes drifting off dreamily towards exciting memories of his own. “Er, no,” I stutter back sheepishly, feeling like a kid at school who’s just been asked by an older boy if he’s ever gone all the way with a woman. “You have to try to do it once,” he sighs.

    “Go once in the street with a spray can. Spray your signature. Then go back the day after to see. I’m sure you’ll go back. Because when you leave something in the street, you leave a part of yourself.” Read More

  • October14th

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    So this is strange. I don’t know who Ken Block is. I am not the biggest fan of Rob Dyrdek. I haven’t skated in 15 years and I’ve never been interested in car racing. Yet I am oddly compelled to watch this video over and over again. Like a moth to flame. An addict to a needle. A single girl to “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

    I think more than anything I am completely impressed by excellence in any form. Also, the piece was shot with a RED which was what we have at work. So I think maybe on a visceral level I can look at this and say “We could have made that!” and then watch it again to figure out how to do it better.

  • October1st

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    Despite the secret joy I hold for that whole ink-into-water effect, I totally enjoyed the music and the general surreal story depicted by the piece. Wait, did I just call it a piece? Like it’s art? What, wait…no…is that the Central China Television logo? This is an add for fake propaganda-ridden news from the last remaining bastion of communism left on earth? Shit. They are totally taking over the world. Oh well, at least it will apparently be a pretty new world order.

    CCTV Ink TV Commercial – Directed by Niko Tziopanos from on Vimeo.

  • September15th

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    Never thought I’d be caught saying I agreed with Hitler. But the above video clearly indicates we share at least one point of view. And also, I never thought he could be so articulate about the Touch features. Weird.

  • August21st

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    I was part of the first wave of viewers for the show. I really liked it. A lot. We’re talking download the music and consider-moving-to-the-deep-south loved it.

    The question then becomes one of why I liked it so much. Truth is, I was sort of let down by the plot elements in season one. Seemed loosely compiled from a novel that I’m sure was far better as a whole story than the televised version.

    Then it clicked with me. The visual style of the production was really wonderful. There’s a sense of gritty inhuman reality and as a viewer I’m continually put into the position of seeing life as I know it from an outsider’s position. Clearly there’s something great going on here. Also, clearly, is the beauty of the opening title sequence. Here’s a copy of it:

    TRUE BLOOD from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.

    That great swamp pop/country sound from Jace’s Everett’s “Bad Things” certainly helps set the mood. It contributed to that otherworldly rawness conveyed by the visual imagery. I really enjoyed the lack of any digital effects. That was a key element in keeping it “in the muck” for me. Anyhow, I don’t want to ruin the following “making of” piece by tearing this apart piece by undead piece. But I will spoil it by saying they used DV, 8 mil, and 16 mil cameras to film the sequences. And I have a deep abiding love for 8 and 16 mil cameras. Right, on with the making of!

    CL Feature: DK’s True Blood – The Making Of from Creative League Team on Vimeo.